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Geforce offers cloud backup services for enterprise and individual use. Whether you are looking to backup your mail boxes, database or other important files, we have you covered. Geforce offers state of the art servers hosted in Australia. Our cloud backup solutions can be used by all types of users, while benefiting from features similar to Amazon S3 cloud storage. Geforce is the premium cloud backup Australia service and caters for clients from around the globe.

Benefits Of Using Geforce Cloud Backup Australia Services
By saving your data to Geforce servers you get the following advantages:

  •     The ability to upload files to a secure off shore location.
  •     Download files anytime from Geforce servers via browser, file manager, FTP or SFTP client.
  •     Make files accessible to certain users for online collaboration.
  •     Share files via URL
  •     Customized cloud solutions for your organization

On Demand Backup
You can buy a block of storage space to transfer your corporate or personal data to our servers. The available cloud storage can be upgraded anytime to fulfill any additional storage requirements that may arise in the future. Cloud backup can either be performed using an FTP/SFTP client, File Manager or via Geforce backup applications. Geforce offers a backup mechanism that is similar to Amazon S3 where you can view and send data to your cloud drive under a secure encrypted connection.

Types of Backup
You can backup any kind of data to our servers including data in raw form, disk images, distributed blocks of split files, data from virtual drives or servers, virtual hard drives (e.g. VMDK or VHD files) and the like.

Automatic Backup
You can schedule automatic backup for your data by specifying the path to our servers so that any kind of incremental or differential backup can be directly written to Geforce servers. This way, you can schedule data backup and benefit from the advantage of getting real-time data backup on a secure off site location.

Customized Cloud Backup Solutions
We also provide on demand, customized backup solutions based on client needs. This may include an application to backup data from local servers of an organization to backup files from corporate computers to the cloud. As it might not be possible for entrepreneurs or network administrators to provide direct access of cloud servers to employees, we can provide your organization with a mechanism to enable employees to backup data to a central location on your local server, which can then be uploaded to Geforce servers.

Microsoft Exchange, MySQL and MSSQL Backup
Our Windows and Linux based servers are fully capable of securing your MySQL , MSSQL and Microsoft Exchange data. Saving a backup of your database in a secure off shore location can help you avoid loss of critical data in case of any eventuality.

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