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If you are looking for a reliable VPS hosting Australia service, then look no further. Geforce provides VPS (virtual dedicated server) hosting in Australia at an affordable price. We provide both Windows and Linux based VPS hosting and make use of Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology to provide our customers with a dynamic and reliable platform. Our servers are located in the Global Switch data centre in Sydney, Australia with multiple UPS arrays and backup generator support to ensure 99.99% uptime for our customers.

Energy Efficient Virtual Servers
The cost of power consumption in data centers can often lead to an increase in the budget of companies that buy hosting space at data centers. To address this issue, we use energy efficient servers to cut down on energy costs and to make our service economical for our clients.

Intel Virtualization Technology
Our servers make use of Intel’s VT technology that allows running multiple operating systems and applications as separate virtual machines.

Raid Arrays
We use RAID arrays on our VPS servers to create mirrors of data being written on each virtual server and for creating fault tolerance. This means that your data will not be lost in case a single drive fails on the server. In the event of hard drive failure, your data will be immediately available from the mirrored version from the backup drive.

Data Backup
We also create periodic backups of data on our servers and backup virtual machines daily on to a NAS, configured with SATA HDDs in RAID 5 that is saved at a colocation facility. Our VPS hosting Australia service takes into account all the necessary precautions required to protect the integrity of your data and to deliver clients with a reliable VPS hosting environment.

IBM X3550 M3 And IBM X3650 M3 Servers

  • IBM Servers: Geforce uses IBM X3550 M3 and IBM X3650 M3 servers, with dual power supplies for each server to prevent power failure. This ensures that our clients do not suffer from any downtime due to power failure.
  • Server Specifications: We use Dual Intel Gigabit Network Ethernet Cards and equipped with Dual CPUs, with Quad Core processors for each server. Our IBM servers run on 110GB of DDR3 ECC RAM and each server has the capacity to further expand memory to as much as 196GB.
  • RAID Arrays: To fulfil storage requirements we use Dell SAN for primary clustered storage and our SAS 15K Hard Drives are configured on RAID 10 to guarantee data integrity in case one of the hard drives in the RAID array suffers from technical failure. To further ensure protection from redundancy, each node of our servers runs in Hyper-V Clustered Mode.

Windows Hyper-V And Citrix XenServer
Virtual machines can be more cost effective as they share physical resources and run simultaneously on the same server. This means that you can acquire the benefits of a dedicated server at an economical price by acquiring a VPS hosting package. For this reason we make use of Windows Hyper-V technology and Citrix XenServers. Hyper-V is famous for enhancing support for host processors and memory, while providing increased VM (Virtual machine) mobility and flexibility. Likewise, the Citrix XenServer is a complete virtualization platform that has been built on the Xen hypervisor. The use of Hyper-V and Citrix Xen Servers insure fast and secure virtualization and are perfect for the efficient management of Windows and Linux based virtual servers. Hence, by using the best possible hardware and software for supporting virtualization, Geforce ensures the best VPS hosting Australia packages for our global clients.

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